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SteathPlate Number Plate Flipper

Remote-Activated Number Plate Rotation

For dual installation of Registration and Private Number Plates. No need to use a screwdriver each time you want to change your Number Plates. The Number Plates switch with the click of a button. In less than 2.5 seconds.
SteathPlate Number Plate Flipper

Recommended for Motor Shows

Perfect for Motor Shows, Exhibitions, and Auto Club meetings at Specialized Venues and Racetracks. The Motorized Rotating plate holder will quickly flip your regular number plate into your personalized or custom plate – 007 Style !
SteathPlate Number Plate Flipper

Dazzling for Workshop Displays

For Tuning Studios and Show Car Designers. Tuning attracts more and more attention. Custom and Show-Cars are exhibited at various Events and Shows. Unique Features only draw attention to your work.
Compatible with South African Vehicles
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StealthPlate Number Plate Flippers ship Anywhere in Southern Africa

We service Dealers and Customers throughout Southern Africa with our innovative number plate products.


Stealth Number Plate Flipper in Action


Our Product Advantages :

  • Made of Corrosion Resistant Steel and durable uPVC
  • Body Size: 555 x 145 x 22 mm
  • Number Plate Size: 520 x 110 mm
  • Supply Voltage: 12 V
  • Response time (Rotation time): 2.5 seconds
  • 3000 Rotations Guaranteed
  • Tested at speeds exceeding 200 km/h

Each Number Plate Kit Contains :

  • 2 Sets of Rotating Plate Holders – Front and Rear
  • Electrical Cabling for Installation
  • Control Box with required cabling
  • 1 Wireless Remote Control Receiver and Cabling
  • 1 Wireless Remote Control Transmitter
  • Installation Guide
  • Packaging Materials

Satisfied Customers from Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban…

Our Customers have only good things to say about our outstanding Number Plate Flippers!

I am a Gadget freak. I saw the website. I had to order a set.The service was great and my order arrived on time. I feel like a child again. These things are awesome. I can’t wait to get in my car again!
Warrick, Sandton
I’m stunned. This is the best toy ever. The number plate flipper installation was easy. I’m getting a lot of satisfaction from watching the number plates revolve. Click. Flip. Click. Flip.
Jazza, Kraaifontein
Let me say something. You guys are providing a top quality product. It’s great value for money. My friends all want one now. The number plate flipper is a winner!
Bill, Hillcrest